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meI’m a freelance software developer specialized in mobile and web based applications. I started working in this field 2 years now, developing several projects, most of which were Android based.

During those years, I’ve always undertaken several kind of projects, very different one from each other. This is because I’m a very curious and determined person, always looking for new opportunity to grow my skills, and always interested to take on new challenges.

I’ve experience in working in team, but I also like to carry on my own project in parallel, which makes me capable to develop a project from the planning to the realization, taking care of all the production phases.

I’m a versatile person, with different passions and knowledges,starting from the code, including 3D Graphics, which makes me able to merge logic to creativity.



Programming: Android Development, Java, C, C#, C ++, Javascript, Python, PyMEL, MEL, XHTML / CSS, PHP, REST (Json, xml)
Softwares: Android Studio, Eclipse, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects
Others: Computer vision (kinect, motion capture), Electronic (arduino, raspberry), 3D printing, maker, guitarist, cooking passionate




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