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android app Off The Bus

How often has happened to you to be on the bus wondering which was the right stop to get off, asking the driver “sorry, how many stops to Largo Preneste?” Or trying to understand by yourself, looking around and hoping to read the name of the stop just in time (with no results if the bus is busy or if you don’t have “super sight”).
With Off The Bus, selecting the right bus stop, you can set an alarm that will ring to warn you that is time to get off.
You just need to write in the bus number to find all its stops, and the app will tell you, in real time, which is the closest one to your current position.

Select your stop and get some relax during your trip: the app will warn you when it’s time, with a sound, a vibration, and a funny animated bus!

Main functions:

  • Set an alarm to the corresponding stop
  • Real time Bus stop locationing during the way
  • Bus company automatic identification, based on location

Available companies:

  • ATAC (Rome)
  • SITAM (Milan)
  • Formula (Turin)
  • ATC (Bologna)

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